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Iaido Course

Sensei Michael, travelled to Essex to conduct an Iaido Course for our friend Sensei Ian Arbon at Wakarishin Ju-Jitsu.

The course was well attended and the students were instructed in the following areas of Iaido practice:

Presentation of the Sword and correct etiquette (Shinzen ni Rei & Torei)

Iaido Course

Sword Grip (Te-no-Uchi)

Foot Movement (Ashi Sabaki)

The 4 main elements of Iaido – Nukitsuke, (Draw) Kiritsuke, (Cut) Chiburi (Shake Blood) & Noto (Re-Sheath)

Stance & Cutting Drill (Happo-no-Giri)

Seitei Iaido Kata parts 5 -12

All the attendees thoroughly enjoyed the course and Sensei Michael has received great positive feedback from Sensei Ian and his students.


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