Sunday 6th March

BJJAGB Referees Course

Saturday 19th March 

Young Masters and Adults Grading

Monday 21st to Friday 25th March

Mum, Dad & Me Week

Tuesday 29th March

Squad Class (Southend International)

Saturday 2nd April

Warriors Graduation

Saturday 7th May

Southend International

Tuesday 10th May

Black Belt Masterclass

Tuesday 31st May

Squad Trials for BJJAGB National Championships

Saturday 11th June

Dan Grading

Tuesday 21st  June

Warriors Graduation

Saturday 9th July

Kyu Grading

Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July

Mum Dad & Me Week

Tuesday 19th July

Black Belt Masterclass

Tuesday 26th July

Squad Class (BJJAGB National Championships)

Saturday 3rd September

BJJAGB National Championships Walsall

Tuesday 13th September

Black Belt Masterclass

Monday 26th September

Dan Grade Pre-Tests

7th to 10th October

UNJJ Congress Ostend, Belgium

Tuesday 18th October 

Black Belt Masterclass

Saturday 12th November

East Coast Course & Championships Skegness

Tuesday 15th November

Black Belt Masterclass

Saturday 19th November

Kyu Grading

Saturday 3rd December

Cadet Black Belt & Dan Grading

Saturday 18th March 

Kyu Grading

Closing Dates

Monday 29th August 

Bank Holiday

Friday 2nd September

BJJAGB National Championships

Monday 19th December to Monday 2nd January

Christmas Holidays