Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts

Raincliffe House, Barker Lane, Brampton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1DU.

What we do

A few weeks ago, on an evening out in Chesterfield, I saw an old colleague from my previous life in the Mining Industry. After our initial hello’s the question always arises ‘What are you doing now?’ I answered I’m teaching Ju-Jitsu full time, what are you doing?, he answered and at that point the conversation stalled so we shook hands and said our goodbye’s
This made reflect and think about what we really do at Mind Body Spirit and what I should have said is this – You know those children who have behavoural problems, those who lack confidence and social skills and those who have ADHD and learning difficulties, well I help them.

I also encourage our students to be the best they can be, improve their self-esteem, allow them to develop as young adults, teaching them about respect, correct behaviour, good manners, the value of family, helping others, honesty and integrity.
I think I sold myself, what I do and all my colleagues in Martial Arts little bit short, because we teach much more than Martial Arts skills. So in future when someone asks me what I do, I will tell them properly and hopefully get them engaged in our great sport

What we do

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