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Is a Black Belt alone a qualification to teach?

When a person achieves  the rank of Black Belt in a Martial Art, it is a recognition, that they have reached a level of skill and that they have demonstrated dedication, worked extremely hard, shown character, determination & will power over a sustained period.

However, does a Black Belt syllabus or curriculum, contain the requirements that a potential or future coach will need if they are to continue to develop and promote their art by taking on a teaching role?

Would it include subjects such as:                                                                        Is a Black Belt alone a qualification to teach?

Child Protection,  Communication Skills, Code of Ethics,  Teaching Methods,  Skill Classification,   Coaching Skills, Safety Policy, Coaches Legal Requirements,  Injury Prevention,  Cryotherapy  and Training Principles,

Therefore it makes complete sense that if an individual is to teach Martial Arts  it is imperative that they gain Coaching Awards awarded by their National Governing Body.

In the football world, a person would not be allowed to coach football if did not hold the relevant coaching badges awarded by the FA.

At Mind Body Spirit all our Coaches hold or are working towards BJJAGB National Governing Body qualifications along with a 1st aid qualification, DBS Clearance & Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by BJJAGB National Governing Body rules.

It is important to us at Mind Body Spirit that we provide our students and parents with the best coaches in our sport and this can only be achieved by continual professional development & keeping our coaching qualifications up to date

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