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Children often need help to boost their confidence and self-esteem, especially if they are struggling with school work and social interaction

Providing love and support, and giving time to talk, will help. There is also plenty more that parents can do, by praising youngsters and celebrating their successes. It could be something as simple as putting one of their paintings on the wall – or on social media, where family and friends can admire it.

Beyond that, arranging various fun activities for kids that build confidSelf-Esteemence & self-esteem can help. Here’s a look at five ways to do this.

Physical activity is hugely beneficial for kids, but sometimes they can feel nervous about highly competitive team games. Sports such as martial arts or athletics are a great alternative, as it doesn’t take much time for children to attain skills. Moving up through the levels and gaining awards is very rewarding. These activities train the mind as well as the body, helping concentration. Learning self-defence skills will help kids to feel they can cope with difficult situations.

All these attributes combined with love & support will help to boost a childs confidence and self-esteem

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