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Kids & Ju-Jitsu

Ju-Jitsu is great for children, particularly if they struggle with self-esteem or behavioural problems. Ju-Jitsu is built on a basis of respect for yourself and others and is all about discipline which can help to introduce some order to chaotic young lives.

Parents of children who take Ju-Jitsu classes may notice an almost immediate difference in their child from the onset of their child’s training. This is because Ju-Jitsu can help to develop a child’s emotional and mental resources as well as their physical strength and skill. Indeed, becoming skilled in Ju-Jitsu can have a calming effect on the mind, often helping to improve concentration at school.

Martial Arts classes also offer a great extra-curricular activity for kids of all backgrounds and personality types – including those who are otherwise doing well socially, physically, and academically. Ju-Jitsu has at its core an emphasis on improving self-knowledge.

Martial Arts practice helps kids to get to know themselves better and to make better choices as well as to teach young people that in order to achieve at anything, consistent effort is needed over time. Ju-Jitsu can help children learn important life lessons like these which12631015_10154507117191978_1695857063_oall assist towards their short and long term development.

Kids love practicing Ju-Jitsu because it gives them a real sense of achievement and a measurable physical improvement over time, as well as giving them a chance to make new friends outside of the school environment.

Working hard in class leads to success and with success comes a growing self-confidence that children take with them wherever they go. Kids also love that the discipline and increased athleticism that they gain from their classes translates to other areas of their lives as well as helping to achieve succeed in other sports and even in academic environments such as school or university: just as speaking one foreign language helps you to learn others…by training at Mind Body Spirit, you will give them with an extra opportunity to shine, or simply to enjoy themselves and get fitter, stronger and more confident at the same time too!

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