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Why Ju-Jitsu

Ju-Jitsu For Adults Physical fitness Scientific studies have proven that adults who take part have better stamina, strength, flexibility and muscle endurance. Weight Loss Ju-Jitsu is a fun way of staying in shape – adults who take up the sport have less body fat than those with a more sedentary lifestyle. Self-Defence Those who take up […]

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Martial Arts and ADHD

Can enrolling your child with ADHD into a martial arts programme help him or her to focus more in school? Several studies have shown that physical exercise has a positive impact on children with ADHD, increasing mental alertness and improving social skills. One study showed that loneliness, shyness and hopelessness were less prevalent in teens […]

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Warriors Graduation

Great morning at Mind Body Spirit on the occasion of our Warriors Graduation Sensei Mike opened the proceedings with the sad news that his pet mouse Elvis has sadly passed away this morning, Austin, one of the Warriors asked ‘how did he die Sensei?, Sensei Mike told him that Elvis had been caught in a […]

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Children often need help to boost their confidence and self-esteem, especially if they are struggling with school work and social interaction Providing love and support, and giving time to talk, will help. There is also plenty more that parents can do, by praising youngsters and celebrating their successes. It could be something as simple as […]

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Summer Course

Our Summer Course was provided by our friend Sensei Ian Arbon of Wakarishin Ju-Jitsu Essex. The course was attended by students fromMind Body Spirit and the BJJAGB British Ju Jitsu Association National Governing Body GB family. Thank you to all who attended and especially to Sensei Ian for conducting such a brilliant, informative and exciting […]

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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects about one in three adults, and millions of individuals, putting these individuals at higher risk for two of the leading causes of death, heart disease and stroke. Another one-third of adults suffer from pre-hypertension, which means you have higher blood pressure numbers yet have not yet been diagnosed with high blood […]

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Self-Esteem in Children

Self-Esteem in Children Any child who has healthy self esteem is armoured against the challenges they will face when they go out into the world. This is because children who feel great about themselves will indeed have an easier time with things such as handling conflicts and overall, enjoying life. Kids who have a healthy […]

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Girls Ju-Jitsu

Girls  Ju-Jitsu The obvious and most important reason for girls to get involved in Ju-Jitsu is the capacity for self-defence & personal safety that they will develop. In today’s increasingly violent world, crime can strike anywhere. Women are often times the target of sex crimes and, not knowing how to defend themselves, can scar a […]

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Self Defence & the Martial Arts

I have seen a lot of adverts, articles, blogs videos and websites recently promoting the link between martial arts and self defence. Some martial arts practitioners openly state that their martial art offers the ’best’ or ‘most effective’ self defence system and will give their students which can only be described as ‘super powers’ to […]

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