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The Hub, Proact Stadium, 1866 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 8NZ.

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Events 2018/19


Saturday 1st September                                       BJJAGB National Championships

Monday 17th September                                      Kobudo Grading

Wednesday 19th September                                Kobudo Grading

Fri 28th September to Mon 1st October          UNJJ Congress Gibraltar

Saturday 13th October                                          Ju-Jitsu Grading     

Saturday 20th October                                          Random Attack & Weapons Kata Competition     

Saturday 27th October                                          Warriors Graduation   

Saturday 17th November                                     Iaido Course   

Saturday 24th November                                     BJJAGB Junior Coaching Course

Saturday 1st December                                        Cadet Black Belt & Dan Grading

Monday 10th December                                       Kobudo Grading

Wednesday 12th December                                Kobudo Grading


Saturday 19th January                                          Warriors Graduation

Saturday 2nd February                                         Ju-Jitsu Grading

Saturday 2nd March                                             Spring Course

Saturday 16th March                                            UNJJ Course & Competition, Aalst, Belgium

Monday 18th March                                              Kobudo Grading

Wednesday 20th March                                       Kobudo Grading

Saturday 6th April                                                 Warriors Graduation

May TBC                                                                   Continuous Fighting Competition

June TBC                                                                    Southend International

Saturday 15th June                                                Ju-Jitsu Grading

Saturday 31st August                                           BJJAGB National Championships


Closing Dates 2018

Mon 24th September to Sun 7th October          UNJJ Congress Gibraltar

Friday 9th November                                               BJJAGB Event Northern Ireland

Mon 24th December to Sun 6th January            Christmas Holiday

Closing Dates 2019

Friday 15th March                                                      UNJJ Aalst, Belgium

Friday 19th April                                                         Good Friday

Monday 22nd April                                                     Easter Monday

Monday 6th May                                                         Bank Holiday

Monday 27th May                                                       Bank Holiday

Monday 26th August                                                  Bank Holiday

Friday 30th August                                                     BJJAGB National Championships

 Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts

The Hub, Proact Stadium
1866 Sheffield Road
S41 8NZ

  Telephone: 07816922307