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CEO & Founder Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts Academy 7th Dan Ju-Jitsu, Level 4 BJJAGB Coach

UNJJ Congress Gibraltar

Had a great week in Gibraltar at the UNJJ Congress pictured are the members of TEAM GB from Mind Body Spirit. Thank you to our great parents for supporting the event and to our students for their excellent performances both on & off the mat. You all embodied the Spirit of the BJJAGB, UNJJ and […]

Ju-Jitsu for Women

Ju-Jitsu for Women can help empower women, allow them to feel fitter, improve their confidence and learn valuable personal safety skills. Self Defence Skills Our Ju-Jitsu for Women classes teach both physical and mental skills, as being mentally prepared to defend yourself is just as important as being prepared physically. During classes you will learn […]

Boost your Brain Power

We are all aware that exercise generally has many benefits, such as improving physical fitness and strength. But what do we know about the effects of specific types of exercise? Researchers have already shown that jogging can increase life expectancy, for example, while yoga makes us happy. However, there is one activity that goes beyond […]

Anti-Doping Officer

Sensei Michael after completing an Advisor Assessment and an intensive 2 day course in London has qualified as an official UKAD ACCREDITED EDUCATOR and has been appointed as the BJJAGB Anti-Doping Officer Michael is responsible for delivering Anti-Doping Workshops on behalf of the National Governing Body for Ju Jitsu the BRITISH JU JITSU ASSOCIATION GB. […]

Iaido Course

Sensei Michael, travelled to Essex to conduct an Iaido Course for our friend Sensei Ian Arbon at Wakarishin Ju-Jitsu. The course was well attended and the students were instructed in the following areas of Iaido practice: Presentation of the Sword and correct etiquette (Shinzen ni Rei & Torei) Sword Grip (Te-no-Uchi) Foot Movement (Ashi Sabaki) […]

Is a Black Belt alone a qualification to teach?

When a person achieves ┬áthe rank of Black Belt in a Martial Art, it is a recognition, that they have reached a level of skill and that they have demonstrated dedication, worked extremely hard, shown character, determination & will power over a sustained period. However, does a Black Belt syllabus or curriculum, contain the requirements […]

Iai-Jutsu Course

Sensei Michael held an Iai-Jutsu Course at the Academy on Saturday 20th January. BJJAGB members from all round the UK attended the course and were instructed on the following areas of Sword practice. Tying of the Hakama & Etiquette Torei – Presentation and wearing the sword Nukitsuke – Drawing, Kiritsuke – Cutting, Chiburi – Shaking […]

Double Shodan Achievement

Double Shodan Achievement Two of our long standing and dedicated students have been awarded the rank of Shodan in 2 traditional Martial Arts within 2 weeks On Saturday 2nd December Leah & Dylan were awarded 1st Dan in the art of Kobudo and on Saturday 16th December they again achieved the rank of 1st Dan […]

Kobudo Black Belt Grading

On Saturday 2nd December we held our Kobudo Black Belt Grading. Demonstrated on the day were, Kata & practical applications of Nunchaku, Sword, Sai, Jo & Bo Staff. All our students have worked hard on the preparation for the day and its been a long road getting to this stage in their development but they […]

Anti-Bullying Week

We will be focusing on Anti-Bullying Week at Mind Body Spirit from Monday 13th November. These are our aims: To empower children and young people to celebrate what makes them, and others, unique. Help children and young people understand how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, able to be […]